Monday, June 27, 2011



actually, i can't say i am speechless cause i can say SO much about the Parachute concert! it was about an hour a drive away and on our way we stopped for In-N-Out. i love that place and we srsly argued for 20 minutes on where to go. we finally settled. jancyn and i had fun with the papers they give you.

we got there a lil' late, but that's okay. here is us waiting and waiting...

funny story! so the drummer on Parachute is fine! there was this guys that came on coming from backstage and jancyn and i were like is that him? ya, turns out it was him and we totally missed out on talking to him!! bummer. here's him:
then Parachute performed!!! ahhhh it was so awesome! so twice, TWICE, Will (lead singer) came out into the crowd. and both, BOTH times he was right directly by me. this may sound freaky, but i touch him! he even elbowed me! haha 
he was srsly that close!

so they did really awesome. personally, i think they sound better live then recorded! they are so good! here are pictures of them performing. my camera (well my sister's) didn't do good with the lighting. i tried every setting. so here's the best of them all!

oh and at the end i got Will and Johnny (the drum) to sign my CD and get a picture with them. jancyn has those pictures so i have to wait for her to give them to me...

p.s. thanks for 17 followers. i can't believe how fast i've gotten them!

Friday, June 24, 2011

giveaway from Confessions of a Maine Teenager!

this is an awesome giveaway! i love the earrings Miss Alk is giving away. so here is the link, but DON'T enter because I wanna win. Just kidding do whatever may please you ;)

"the way it was"

this weekend is gonna be bomb-diggity! why you may ask? i will be going to my fave band ever's concert! two years ago my friend, Jancyn, and I went to there concert. and now they're back! holler at that! anyways we are going together and i guess you can say i am psyched! so who is this band? 

the one and only..... PARACHUTE! here are pictures from last concert and i will sure have some after tomorrow night!

look at that chick behind us! haha oh and are teeth are pink.
and another thing that date is not the correct date(:

yea and now tonight is going to be the best! 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

win race, check!

this last weekend keke and brody had a track meet again. i did not get any pictures because it is so hard to take pictures when you want to actually watch them run. haha. here's how it went:

we left late friday night and arrived at my cousins super late. we woke up super early and had an hour drive to the track meet. we watched keke and brody run. keke ran the 4x100m, 100m, and 200m. brody ran the 400m, 100m, 200m. they both did really good! we were proud of them. following the meet we went to our favorite ice cream stop. yum. i like the mint chocolate chip. after that we took a small trip to the mall. we did not have much time but i was able to find a great deal at Hollister! shorts for five dollars, say whaa?? then we came home. it was a fun weekend!
love, taylor

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


i felt like my blog needed a more summery aproach so while i am changing things please excuse the bugs!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

lil' girl again

this week/weekend is kind of busy. keke is doing a soccer touny and saturday her and brody will be participating in a track me. we will be going up north and stayin' with my cousins. woot!
in all this excitement i found some spare time and i chose to do it with keke and her bff (no srsly they are inseperable) kate! oh i can't even explain to you how funny they are. yes they are only 10, but hey i had fun!

i was so happy to convince them to allow me to give them makeovers. kate was more excited the keke. keke is the typical tom-boy who is fine with wearing her brothers clothes and having her hair pulled in a pony. this is her motto:
Confessions of a Soccerholic

I have one hairstyle and it involves a scrunchie

I'm more comfortable in my uniform than in the latest fashion

I think my legs look fantastic because of all the scars

I own two pairs of shoes... cleats and flip flops

...I'd much rather be on the field than on the phone

I don't chase boys... they chase me

The only pumps I own are used to inflate soccer balls
she and kate are funny girls. so anyways here are some over-exaggerated before and after pictures!

keke had just gotten done with a soccer game.
kate honestly wasn't bad. 
here are the rest of the pictures that i DID NOT edit!



to me kate looks like a model. actually what happened is
a boy was riding his bike and keke was not ready to be seen
looking "cute" so she was looking over and about to run
inside. crazy girl!

only some-what of a normal picture of those two.

headband from Claire's

okay, maybe another normal picture.

funny girls!

too cute! 

oh boy!


show 'em your muscles kate!

"wait, let me show those guys!"

awww, presh!
so in the end i did their hair, painted their nails, did kate's makeup {keke said that was going too far}, and dressed them. 

we plan on doing this again! whooo-hoooo! i will edit the pictures and put them up on a different post! hope you enjoyed!


scenery at the ranch

so this is continuing on from this post. here are just pictures from the scenery.

ugh! so some of the pictures aren't loading so i will post those later! sorry!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Arianna's Photo Contest

the theme for this contest is nautical. i will be taking my picture from the pirate boats in vegas!


Lovely Photo Wednesday: link up

i really enjoy link ups. they are fun to blog hop and find some new blogs to follow! here is my picture:
i really enjoy the natural lighting of this picture!
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