Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Edit Me Challenge Week 19

i haven't been doing this challenge for a while. i've really missed it honestly. 

here's the original:

my edit:

what do you think? how can i improve?

don't forget to try it yourself!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


i am remembering.


ten years ago on this day i was just barely five years old. i was on the couch watching tv. clips of a plane hitting a tall building were being shown. at that age i did not understand much, but i do remember it. i know i was thinking a plane was going to bomb my little small town. i wanted my dad home from work cause i was scared he wouldn't make it. little did i know the seriousness of this. now, being 15 years old i look back on that day thinking of how many families lost a member whether they were working in the buildings, were firemen, policemen, etc. i will think of them. please, think about what happened and give thanks to those who have risked their lives for america!

life can't get better

**can i begin by saying thanks for the followers!? 24 (in my mind) is pretty good and i can't wait to get more! **

so, what have i been up to lately?
honestly, i've been having a good time! i can actually say i like all of my classes. chemistry might be an exception but i'll make the best of it! dance is amazing, loving every practice! except for drama. it really sucks. the sad part is it isn't even the drama within the team it's drama outside of that! ugh!  friday we performed in the homecoming assembly and i think its safe to say we did really good! now we are getting ready for our concert which i'm so excited about. our theme is "astrology" so we will be dancing outside! it's going to be "totally wicked!!!" cross country is awesome! yesterday we just got back from a cross country meet at BYU! i got a personal record (PR) there and placed 42/127! it was so much fun! i can't wait for our next meet!

here is my goal for my blog: to post at least twice a week. life is crazy, but i really want to improve this blog! so, on top of the posts from me, if any of you would like to guest post on my blog we can swap and i guest post on your blog and get more followers! yay for followers! email me ok?

how's your life going?

Monday, September 5, 2011

some pictures of dance camp

this is about a month late. hey, its better late then never right?
Mo and Me!

the animals from the petting zoo. a little pit stop.
this is a super blurry picture. this is me, borgey, lindy, sadie, and ju!

Lindy and Mo!
thanks for reading!