Sunday, February 27, 2011

keeping me busy

we have our dance concert coming on april 7 & 8. that means busy, busy, busy trying to get ready for it all. my coach likes to have a theme for concert to get our creative dishes flowing (we all choreograph a dance). this year's theme is science. i was teamed up with a team member we call borgey. Our dance is on States of Matter. it is going to be very interesting. Ha!

doll face

this little girl has the spunkiest attitude. she acts a lot older then her age. i have trained her to love to dance. funny story... my mom and her came to watch me perform. this was the stage in which she performed for "kid camp". my mom said as i was performing she wanted to go up there and dance with me. as we were leaving she would not get in the car because she wanted to dance on stage with me. i have trained her well. anyways, her third birthday is this tuesday and i can not believe it! i will post all about that later!

poor camera

it began monday, february 21. it had been raining all weekend and the soccer fields was covered with mud. i was watching keke's game and taking pics. in attempt to re-adjust my blanket, PLOP my camera landed in the mud and that was just the start. let me add in that earlier that morning i had dropped my eyeshadow and it was now gone.

my camera had recovered a bit, and found it's home in my jacket pocket. i was racing my familia to the car (ya, we are crazy) and PLOP my camera was on the ground.

end of story.

update: my camera does work, but the lens has troubles coming in and out.

the weekend

i gotta say this weekend was kind of blah! friday started with dance a 6 am. after dance i went to school and after school i went back to dance. dance was until 6 and my friend, dani and i were planning on viewing justin biebers new movie, never say never. i am not one of those normal teenage girl who has the bieber fever, i have not caught the sickness thank goodness, but my friends saw the movie the second day and said i just HAD to see it. whatever, you know, but i said i would. so, dani and i were planning on seeing it friday. this weekend was supposed to be the extended edition with 40+ minutes of extra footage. anyways, where i live there was absolutely no showing of NSN, so i still have not seen it.

so with my plans changed i had my three friends, dani, kaylee, and chey come over. we went to the local "spinny" park where we had some overall fun. my camera was out of batteries or i would have some fun images to show ya'll. on top of the park we went to the close-by softball fields where a tourny was being held. dani is trying out for the high school softball team, so we basically went for her. p.s. it was *extremely cold and windy. so we went back to my house to watch the wedding planner. that ended friday.

saturday, i woke up late for dance. got to dance, and well danced for three hours. my brothers soccer game was right by my practice so i walked to the game and watched. whoopie -sarcasm- it was *extremely cold and rainy. this crap weather is making me angry! then i came home and revived myself. (i looked like a hobo) then off to my lil' sis's game. this game was even more cold, and rainy. it was a complete waste to curl my hair, because it went flat, fast. after that i came home and became a lazy butt. 

the end

sorry for that very boring post. i tried to add pictures, but i did not catch any pictures of the actual weekend. a new post will explain why.


*extremely cold to me probably wouldn't be that cold to you. i do not appreciate the cold

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

what i want...

so my friend has some darn cute makeup and she got it from coastal scents. and to tell you the truth the prices aren't bad. what i want is a eyeshadow palette with 88 different shades and the price? $24! that sounds like a good price to me... so on my wishlist:

Friday, February 11, 2011

another celebration

wednesday was brody's eighth birthday. we had a blast eating a brownie cake (my mom made) and opening presents. here are some pictures of the evening...

a super star in soccer, basketball, and football

me and the birthday boy

the brownie cake

the candle melted in the cake...

make a wish!

this boy has a 14 inch vertical jump
p.s. never, ever use great value butter it messed up the cake!

running in a blink

here is just about me and my running...

so, lets just say i don't think i am the best runner out there. my brother on the other hand (he is two years younger then me and is two years away from being in high school) runs with yes, my high school track team. his fastest mile time is mmm about five and a half minutes. he runs with the fastest dude on the team. anyways, me... so my parents encouraged me to start running at the beginning of this school year. my brother at that time was running with the high school x-country team every morning as i went to dance. (once again... FREAK) i honestly did not think it was even remotely possible for me. i have three hours of dance every morning. so during school as announcements were on they informed everyone of an upcoming meeting about track. right then, at that moment, i felt i should do it.  i went to the meeting and have fallen in love. between dance i can go to three practices a week which on average we run a total of four miles. yes... i am tired, but I LOVE IT! there you go! next post: brody's bday!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

weekend party

this weekend my best friend had her birthday party! it was a blast. we pretty much hung out with friends and ate. happy birthday kaylee!
Me, Dani, Chey, and Kay

Monday, February 7, 2011

the book thief

for school i had to read this glory of a book. in the past my teach had picked beastly books. Macbeth and The Yearling. to tell you the truth i had a bad attitude as a began reading this book. how could you not after having to read those books. anyways this book was actually very interesting. the nararrator was death which i found very interesting. i would encourage you to try reading this book.
rating: ♥♥♥


early out

today was an early out day for school... not a biggie. we got out a little over an hour and a half early. not too much. anyways, that meant no option of dance or track after school. my track coach told me to run four miles easy. once again, no biggie. so instead of doing it with my super fast brother (i'm jealous) i went with my friend Dani. i love that girl so much. so we ran four miles. now i am convincing her to run track.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Without dance, what's the pointe?"

This is just a little blog for a story of my dancing career and my normal, average life.  I have a passion for dance and running.  Dance is my passion.  My friends like to call me crazy for many reasons.  One: I have an average of three hours of dance a day.  Two: I am also on the high school track team.  That includes running everyday.  Yes, are you calling me crazy now?

My Life...
I am the oldest of six children.  I like to say I am the best daughter, but everyone else can differ. ;) Being a teen I can not wait to be able to drive.  Unfortunately, of course, I am the youngest of my grade.  My birthday isn't until late August!  I guess that is what happens when you really want something... right?  I am a straight "A" person and has always been on High Honor Roll.  My goal is to make it to BYU Provo for college.  I want to be an architect or interior designer. 

Dance Life...
I am a member of the high school dance company.  I am the youngest member on the team and the only one in my class.  That says something right?  I LOVE to dance.  It keeps me going by waking up bright and early to get to practice at 6 AM and occassionaly having practice after school, but after school always interferes with my...

Track Life...
I love to run!  I haven't really thoroughly enjoyed it until this last summer.  Since then I have surprised my gym coach.  Last year I struggled to even pass the mile time.  Now I am always the first girl finished!  Ya, that's right!  Running with my younger brother is rather embarrassing though.  The child who is like 16 months older then me is in 7th grade and runs with the high school cross country team.  Running an average of a 5.5 minute mile.  What the poop!??  Well at least I am out there trying! 

This blog is just a little about my life and funny things!  Enjoy!

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