Sunday, March 20, 2011

blog hopping

it is sunday... and what else are you supposed to do? my sunday hobbies: blog hopping! i can not tell you how many different blogs i read today, but i now have my top two fav blogs to read. i haven't read to far into their blogs but i have found they are friends. i was entertain period. anyways here they are!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

a birthday celebration

march 1 is emmy's birthday. this year she turned three years old... CRAZY! she is growing up too fast. here are some images from her birthday...

opening presents

Eating Cake

This is our Glamour Doll


p.s. my camera is still broken so sorry for the quality of pics. I tried to edit them to look antique-ish. do you like?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

cute photos

i had some fun on and found this cute pics...
Pretty Reckless

Jenni / live dangerous, have a carrot -

suí nǐ le

I speak the unspoken language fluently

I want to touch the sky... and I will, soon.

The Dancing Shoes Antique Gold Plated Brass by dreamsbythesea


Untitled / Flickr - Photo Sharing! on imgfave


busy bee lauren wrote this post and i just couldn't help but share it with you guys. i chuckled a little and a smile came acrossed my face...

last week i was gmail-chatting with kate, and i expressed to her that i thought the word good was weird.
after much conversation we decided that we both, in fact, hate the word good.
flash forward to last night with ted...
me: "isn't the word good so stupid?"
ted: "...yes. yes it is."
i was so delighted that he agreed with me immediately, because it started a very entertaining conversation that lasted about twenty minutes. i decided that it would be in your best interest that i convince you that the word good is rather sucky, indeed.
for instance, if someone asks you how you are doing, and you respond with "good"...what does that even mean? does it mean that your internal temperature is at a healthy place? or that you aren't ravenously hungry. or does it mean that you haven't done something bad, so therefore you are good? does it mean that you are wearing an invisible angel halo around the crown of your head that signifies that you are on the side of good? or are you just part of the vast majority of people that choose a word so devastatingly boring and nondescript to describe how you are feeling at the moment? i am guessing you all are nodding your head at the latter. if so, i feel a little bit better about this world, because that can be remedied. and, i also feel better knowing i'm not missing out on some freakin BOSS angel halos. i can tell you right now that i don't have one of those bad boys.
imagine a world where we eliminated the word good as an adjective. ted and i imagined it last night, and let me tell was MAGICAL. here are some examples:
"how was your filet mignon?"
"it was mind-blowing!"
"how was your date with Peeta Mellark?"
"it was perfection!"
"what do you think of busy bee lauren's blog?"
"it's awesomespice!"
"how are both of you doing this evening?"
"we are alive!"
i especially like the last one: alive. i think being "alive" is way more descriptive than just being "good". yes, someone might laugh at you for using that word in that context. some might think you to be morbid. and some might even think you have time traveled from some cheesy 80's pop music video. but think about it...being alive means you are living! and hopefully if you are living, that means you are doing something awesomespice. and there is no better way to be alive, than to be awesomespice. see what i just did there? i rambled. it's cool.
in conclusion...i challenge you to not say the word "good" as an adjective for the rest of the week. if you don't want to do the challenge because you think i am ridiculous for hating the word good, do it because you want to expand your vocabulary. i feel that using the word "good" is slowly stunting our brain growth and making us dumber and monkeys smarter, by the minute. so help me keep us smarter than the monkeys...i mean, they throw poo for crying out loud!
so next time you are tempted to say, "have a good day"...just think that you are basically saying, "have a very typical, boring and completely uneventful day!" and with that, i hope you all have a mind-blowing day.
PS...i hope your minds don't literally blow off your head. then you will have to hide from the zombies. (they like brains...duh.)

so, i don't know about you, but i will definetely be taking her challenge!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

track meet...

so to begin with... i feel so bad. i haven't been on the computer for like three days... it is depressing.  i'm sorry i haven't been able to post. this week was end of quarter so i had a lot to make up for my grades. i did end up with a 4.0 GPA! i was scared this qtr, but it worked out fine! also, i have either had track or dance after school everyday. i was lucky enough to get home and do homework and get enough sleep this week. thank goodness that i have a week off of school!!

{this post is kind of just random.. ha!}

the track meet....
yesterday was my first track meet... EVER! can i tell you how scary it was? school got out at 2:40 and the meet wasn't supposed to start until 4, so i thought it would be safe the drink a protein smoothie {delicious f.y.i.} so i did... my event was a few events into the race, so i wasn't even warming up when the announcer said, "first call for the 1600m". ya, that was me... the first event of the meet. crappymolie! {crap-ee-mole-ee} so i'm calling my mom telling her i'm about the run, i race over to the starting line do some quick stretches and line up. whoa, everything is kind of blurry from there. except, while the guy was gabbering on the rules, etc. i had the worst butterflies in my stomach. i was scared period. the gun went off and i was running. i had never paced myself well for a race being my first track meet. my only choice: pace myself with other runners. ya, not a good idea. the girl i decided to choose was booking it the first lap and i was right along with her. my first lap was a minute twenty-six, probably the fastest i had ran a 400m. everything else is a blurr... my time: 7:04 not bad I guess but that is only with like a week and a half of training. hopefully i will improve over the season... the next meets are in a week and sadly i have mandatory dance rehearsals so i will have to miss these.
the end.

an awesome giveaway

so, i recently found this blog and it is so cute! just go check it out! at this awesomespice blog there is a giveaway! i just wanna win it so bad but you can go look at it here! this is what she is giving away:
Giveaway Time
sweet huh!?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

the close goal

a friend of our's took some cool play-by-play shots of keke's soccer game!  here is one of them put into a movie!