Saturday, March 12, 2011

track meet...

so to begin with... i feel so bad. i haven't been on the computer for like three days... it is depressing.  i'm sorry i haven't been able to post. this week was end of quarter so i had a lot to make up for my grades. i did end up with a 4.0 GPA! i was scared this qtr, but it worked out fine! also, i have either had track or dance after school everyday. i was lucky enough to get home and do homework and get enough sleep this week. thank goodness that i have a week off of school!!

{this post is kind of just random.. ha!}

the track meet....
yesterday was my first track meet... EVER! can i tell you how scary it was? school got out at 2:40 and the meet wasn't supposed to start until 4, so i thought it would be safe the drink a protein smoothie {delicious f.y.i.} so i did... my event was a few events into the race, so i wasn't even warming up when the announcer said, "first call for the 1600m". ya, that was me... the first event of the meet. crappymolie! {crap-ee-mole-ee} so i'm calling my mom telling her i'm about the run, i race over to the starting line do some quick stretches and line up. whoa, everything is kind of blurry from there. except, while the guy was gabbering on the rules, etc. i had the worst butterflies in my stomach. i was scared period. the gun went off and i was running. i had never paced myself well for a race being my first track meet. my only choice: pace myself with other runners. ya, not a good idea. the girl i decided to choose was booking it the first lap and i was right along with her. my first lap was a minute twenty-six, probably the fastest i had ran a 400m. everything else is a blurr... my time: 7:04 not bad I guess but that is only with like a week and a half of training. hopefully i will improve over the season... the next meets are in a week and sadly i have mandatory dance rehearsals so i will have to miss these.
the end.

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