Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sophomore Year.

sophomore year has started. i'm already going crazy. life is busy between dance, cross country, school, homework and occasional sleep. a normal day for me consists of waking up at six to go to cross country or dance (depending on the day), go to school, go to cross country, go to dance, do homework, sleep, and repeat. 
high school is important for me. i love to dance and run so i have to stick with those activities but i have to maintain good grades. the college i plan on going to requires good grades and scholarships do too! 
i'm going to try to post as much as possible. hopefully the weekends will be pretty open so i can! i also has this awesome idea and i want to get your guy's opinions. every blogger wants followers, am i right or am i right? how would you blogger's like to guest post on my blog? that way you can get followers on my blog, ya? email me if you would like to guest post. it's pretty up in the air what you right about. as long as it is family friendly of course! comment if you have questions! 

Friday, August 12, 2011

whoa there!

can i just slow down time right now? school starts in 3 days. bleh! i have my schedule but honestly i haven't done much shoppin'. i'm not ready for it to start... AT ALL!

so i told ya'll i had cross country camp, dance camp, and then a cross country meet. all of them were really fun! i just want to know why everything has to happen all in one week? like why? i need like two more weeks of summer so i can catch up on sleep and just take it easy. my body feels like it might fall apart and the saddest part, i won't have a break until, well i don't even know! oh my!

cross country camp was awesome! at first i wasn't sure about going. being new to the team and not having your friends come to the camp was a little bit sketchy for me. there were only like seven girls and close to twenty guys. i worry too much because camp was a blast! we ran... a lot and chilled. what the best part was is running to the river after the run. when the river is ice cold is feels AWESOME on your muscles. just sayin!

so right when i got back i had a day before i was off for dance camp. so many funny things from the camp! i'm going to have fun editing pictures and post them later for you guys, okay? we stopped at a petting zoo along the way. there was the CUTEST baby llama ever! i'm not kidding. then we made it to the house we were staying at and relaxed. woke up and danced. went to bed woke up and danced, and then went to bed to then wake up and go home. the last night was da bomb! so borgey, i've talked about her before, is a SPAZ! and we love her dearly because of that. well she made my night. 

about a half hour after making it home i had to leave for my FIRST cross country meet. it was nerve wrecking. i don't think i did my best but i still made varsity! i can't wait for the next one which is august 20th! i really hope i can get a PR that race, actually i know i can!

well thats it... 
stay tuned for pictures!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

is it really here?

school is right around the corner. ya, i know CRAZY! i really don't like the idea of having homework. i already have conflicts with my schedule. UGH! BUT i do like the idea of starting dance, running more, and being at the high school! last year was tough. not gonna lie, but i already no this year is gonna be bomb!

anyways, lets get to the point of this post. i find myself rambling too much!

Grace's Garden Walk is holding a "Garden Party!" I think it would be fun to participate! to begin with we have to answer several questions so you can get to know me better! cool, eh?

let me warn ya, i am not the coolest person you will find out there. i am above average but below "cool!" haha

{one} can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 
well you guys already know the normal stuff and if you don't go here! so here is some new things you can know about me.
WARNING: they are random!
--i don't like taking baths. they are boring
--cheese is GROSS! i hate it!
--i don't like Del Taco, Taco Time, or Taco Bell. but i do like Cafe Rio's pork tacos
--i ran out of things to say so i thought about them in the shower.
--still don't know what to say so that is all!

{two} what are a few of your favorite summertime activities?
run, dance, swim, blog, read, hang out with my family and friends, chill, sleep! simple as that!

{three} tell us a few of your fondest past summer memories.
do i really have to choose??
well the one i remember most was a family trip. we went to our ranch and had a relaxing time, but the best part was a four-wheeler ride. it seriously was all day and we went up this mountain near our ranch. 

{four} what was your favorite memory of this summer?
I honestly have no idea! probably the fact that i started cross country and it has been awesome! i know my mom is going to say "i told you so!" but i will admit she did. i did not think i would like it and i would not be good. my mom kept on saying "do it! do it! do it!" so i did it and what do you know? i LOVE it!

{five} one summer you would like to travel to ________ for a week {or two :)}
ever since i read this book a couple years back i have always wanted to go to Africa. i really wish i could find the book but i do not remember the name... :( if i can remember correctly it was about two girls to sailed across to africa to help as nurses. they helped the children at aid stations. man, i wish i could remember more!

{six} a few things that bring joy to your heart during the summer.
well this list could go on and on and on and on, but i will shorten it just for you!

  • the heat! i love hott weather. really, i do!
  • spending time with my family. i think this is my most favorite part! i love them so much!
  • swimming in the pool.
  • partying it up with my friends!
  • going to all the camps. 
  • etc.
{seven} what is your favorite summertime treat? favorite scent?

so there is this awesome place here in town. it has really good summer treats. my very favorite? well you get sprite and rasberry and put it in a drink! my mom personally likes mango better, but i disagree! seriously figure out how you can try it! 

{eight} of the places you have traveled to, favorite summer vacation destination?
i talk about my ranch a lot but that is seriously my favorite place ever! it is so peaceful, relaxing, and a blast! 

{nine} photographer or writer of summer? 
hmmmm. this is a tough one! sadly (as you know) my camera broke. so taking pictures was limited. i would have to say writer! i may not write much but i always think about writing posts and funny things to say. ha! maybe i need a life ;)

{ten} when summer finally ends {and believe me its coming all too quickly}, what will you miss the most?
well i will for sure miss not having to do homework! but most of all being able to chill at home with the fam!

well that was fun! did you enjoy? check out the party and comment giving me the link to your post!

keep it coming

next week is the last week before school ends. say whaa'? how depressing. starting high school is going to be the BEST though. i'm super psyched and just ready. not for the whole homework part though. 

my summer is still busy though. thursday i leave for cross country camp! i come back saturday and then leave sunday for dance camp. wednesday is when i come back and then that night i have my very first cross country meet! i can't wait! i then have the rest of the week to get ready for school and monday is the first day!

summer has flown by! i'm so sad, but excited at the same time! i'm so ready to have dance start up again and see all my friends at school and actually have something to do in the day!

when does your school start? are you excited?

Monday, August 1, 2011

plank and swim!

so one night i got together with borgey and ju! we were honestly so bored and COULD NOT find anything to do. so we went downtown and planked. have you heard of this new thing? it is honestly the dumbest but also funnest thing to do. i wish i would have gotten pictures, but i didn't have my camera! borgey got some, but she won't give 'em to me! go youtube planking if you haven't heard about it yet!

after that we went night swimming! we did some stunts because they decided it would be fun to throw me in the air. 

funniest story: 
for some reason the city Chicago was brought up and borgey was convinced that it was in California. she said that in the show Victorious they have a song that goes, "Chicago, Chicagooo." Or something like that. i haven't seen the show so i don't know for sure and we were like, "Ya that means they are in Illinois." Borgey was convinced they were in California. Oh dear, what are we going to do with her?

talk to you later!