Friday, August 12, 2011

whoa there!

can i just slow down time right now? school starts in 3 days. bleh! i have my schedule but honestly i haven't done much shoppin'. i'm not ready for it to start... AT ALL!

so i told ya'll i had cross country camp, dance camp, and then a cross country meet. all of them were really fun! i just want to know why everything has to happen all in one week? like why? i need like two more weeks of summer so i can catch up on sleep and just take it easy. my body feels like it might fall apart and the saddest part, i won't have a break until, well i don't even know! oh my!

cross country camp was awesome! at first i wasn't sure about going. being new to the team and not having your friends come to the camp was a little bit sketchy for me. there were only like seven girls and close to twenty guys. i worry too much because camp was a blast! we ran... a lot and chilled. what the best part was is running to the river after the run. when the river is ice cold is feels AWESOME on your muscles. just sayin!

so right when i got back i had a day before i was off for dance camp. so many funny things from the camp! i'm going to have fun editing pictures and post them later for you guys, okay? we stopped at a petting zoo along the way. there was the CUTEST baby llama ever! i'm not kidding. then we made it to the house we were staying at and relaxed. woke up and danced. went to bed woke up and danced, and then went to bed to then wake up and go home. the last night was da bomb! so borgey, i've talked about her before, is a SPAZ! and we love her dearly because of that. well she made my night. 

about a half hour after making it home i had to leave for my FIRST cross country meet. it was nerve wrecking. i don't think i did my best but i still made varsity! i can't wait for the next one which is august 20th! i really hope i can get a PR that race, actually i know i can!

well thats it... 
stay tuned for pictures!

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