Monday, August 1, 2011

plank and swim!

so one night i got together with borgey and ju! we were honestly so bored and COULD NOT find anything to do. so we went downtown and planked. have you heard of this new thing? it is honestly the dumbest but also funnest thing to do. i wish i would have gotten pictures, but i didn't have my camera! borgey got some, but she won't give 'em to me! go youtube planking if you haven't heard about it yet!

after that we went night swimming! we did some stunts because they decided it would be fun to throw me in the air. 

funniest story: 
for some reason the city Chicago was brought up and borgey was convinced that it was in California. she said that in the show Victorious they have a song that goes, "Chicago, Chicagooo." Or something like that. i haven't seen the show so i don't know for sure and we were like, "Ya that means they are in Illinois." Borgey was convinced they were in California. Oh dear, what are we going to do with her?

talk to you later!

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