Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sophomore Year.

sophomore year has started. i'm already going crazy. life is busy between dance, cross country, school, homework and occasional sleep. a normal day for me consists of waking up at six to go to cross country or dance (depending on the day), go to school, go to cross country, go to dance, do homework, sleep, and repeat. 
high school is important for me. i love to dance and run so i have to stick with those activities but i have to maintain good grades. the college i plan on going to requires good grades and scholarships do too! 
i'm going to try to post as much as possible. hopefully the weekends will be pretty open so i can! i also has this awesome idea and i want to get your guy's opinions. every blogger wants followers, am i right or am i right? how would you blogger's like to guest post on my blog? that way you can get followers on my blog, ya? email me if you would like to guest post. it's pretty up in the air what you right about. as long as it is family friendly of course! comment if you have questions! 

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  1. We Just Started School Today, And Tomorrow Got Canceled Because There Is Suppose To Be A Hurricane Coming Our Way ! But Yeah , Text Me When You Can !