Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I made it!

First semester of sophomore year... COMPLETE! {Well I still have forty-five minutes, but I was bored in my web design class} This year has been tough. Much harder then it ever has been. I am in a much needed Christmas Break. Oh my goodness can you believe it is Christmas!? I'm excited for this year. My parents decided we are going to have an "oldfashioned christmas." We are going up to our ranch where the weather says it will be in the "high 0's." {We aren't used to this. We like the sunny town we live in.} We are going to cut down our own tree, make a snowman, have the fire going and have hot chocolate. I am psyched! No service or internet for four days, and I can same I'm excited. 

Until then....
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Friday, December 9, 2011

More Pictures from Footlocker

**These are all pictures my coach took that I have edited!**
Finish Line
Finish Line

Reservoir Hill... The last hill!

Poopout Hill
The Pier

Riley at the start line!
Riley Running

We had to wait in this long line to get our packets!

Footlocker 2011

Seriously the best time of my life! I had a lot of fun, no doubt! It was a long bus ride but as soon as we got there it was no regret!

Some bad quality panorama shots of our hotel room... we were kind of bored. Are room was kind of ghetto, juss sayin'!

We went on a run that night an hour after we ate. Lets just say I will never think of Panda Express the same, EVER AGAIN!

More from the hotel room:
This sign makes me worried. Will someone please explain it to me!?

We had a lot of food!

Just chillin'!
The next day we went to the course to pick up our packets and get familiar with the course. Let me tell you this course is killer! The first mile is pretty chill, but right after you have got switchbacks sent from H-E-double hockey sticks! Then you have a downhill that pounds your knees! Following that is "Poop Out Hill" it is called that because you really do poop out. Next is a small down hill before you are going uphill AGAIN! This hill isn't to bad but since it is about 2.5 miles into the race you are about dead. Then it was downhill from there. Tough course, but despite the difficultness it is really fun. Honestly, I am a hill person. I LOVE hills. Weird... I know. 

After that we headed to the Museum of Tolerance. All I can say is wow! I learned so much and trust me this isn't a happy museum.

Following that note we went to the beach. It was freezing and I wasn't really dressed in the right attire. We paid for overpriced pasta and then wondered around the pier. There was a carousel so we just had to go on it!
The Pier!
We had fun at the arcade and spending seven dollars to earn tickets to then buy the most hideous stuffed animal duck EVER! Actually I don't even know if it can even be classified as a duck!

Pictures of the beach:

After a long day we went back to the hotel. I was exhausted so I basically passed out the second I got into bed! We woke up at 5:30 to get on the bus and get to the race. The nerves were hitting me. I knew this race would be hard and not my best time (hardest course I have ever ran!) I was determined to do my best and I did. Sure I pulled my hamstring during the first mile, but I did make it in 25:36. Not bad in my opinion!

We hit the bus and headed home. I will definitely remember that weekend!


p.s. I used Pixlr to edit my photos. Definitely go check this place out!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

truly inspiring

if you need some inspiration watch this!
this is really how i picture dance. take this video however you want but i think it can inspire anyone!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

in need of an update

it has been WAY too long. i feel so bad!! my goal for this blog is to talk about my life, an online journal in fact. i haven't been doing to good with that. my last post was what? over TWO months ago! my goal now is to post at least once a week. i can do this. i always find my self sitting on my butt bored on sundays. why not spend it blogging???

lets get on with the update!

Running to the finish at the BYU
*cross country season is over. this makes me extremely sad. miles have gone down to running just 4 miles a day and it doesn't feel right. we do have a race in California this weekend. i am so excited for this. not only will i miss some school, but i'm excited to go up there and have fun. my little brother will be coming with us and thats fun! we are taking a charter bus up and spending time on the pier one day. we will always run on the course just to see how it is. the race is going to be tough.  i haven't ran in it before, but Riley has and he said the hills are nasty. there are these switchbacks that kill you and some of the fastest runners WALK! what? bring it on **FOOTLOCKER!

the first quarter of school is over and we are already half way through the second! we had a three day break for thanksgiving and we start back up tomorrow, monday. only 18 more days until christmas break and boy am i ready! this has been the toughest year of school for me. my 4.0 streak was broken last quarter in math and chemistry. that will be different this quarter!

nothing is really happening with dance. just the same old, same old. practicing every other day. i really wish we could practice everyday though. since our school just got a drill team this year everything has changed and i don't like it. i feel jipped, but whatever. if drill never came then i probably wouldn't have done cross country. oh, but we did have the shakespeare festival. we always have fun with that. what happens is there are classes all day for two days, but also adjudicating. we took a dance from our concert it did really well with it. i can't remember our official judging, but the judges were quite pleased! we also got our team pictures done a couple of weeks ago.
officers... again.
the team!
this is a picture of us after we performed in an assembly.
well, thats it! more posts to come.

*a post on the the season will be coming up soon!
**after Footlocker i PROMISE a post. with pictures even!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Edit Me Challenge Week 19

i haven't been doing this challenge for a while. i've really missed it honestly. 

here's the original:

my edit:

what do you think? how can i improve?

don't forget to try it yourself!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


i am remembering.


ten years ago on this day i was just barely five years old. i was on the couch watching tv. clips of a plane hitting a tall building were being shown. at that age i did not understand much, but i do remember it. i know i was thinking a plane was going to bomb my little small town. i wanted my dad home from work cause i was scared he wouldn't make it. little did i know the seriousness of this. now, being 15 years old i look back on that day thinking of how many families lost a member whether they were working in the buildings, were firemen, policemen, etc. i will think of them. please, think about what happened and give thanks to those who have risked their lives for america!

life can't get better

**can i begin by saying thanks for the followers!? 24 (in my mind) is pretty good and i can't wait to get more! **

so, what have i been up to lately?
honestly, i've been having a good time! i can actually say i like all of my classes. chemistry might be an exception but i'll make the best of it! dance is amazing, loving every practice! except for drama. it really sucks. the sad part is it isn't even the drama within the team it's drama outside of that! ugh!  friday we performed in the homecoming assembly and i think its safe to say we did really good! now we are getting ready for our concert which i'm so excited about. our theme is "astrology" so we will be dancing outside! it's going to be "totally wicked!!!" cross country is awesome! yesterday we just got back from a cross country meet at BYU! i got a personal record (PR) there and placed 42/127! it was so much fun! i can't wait for our next meet!

here is my goal for my blog: to post at least twice a week. life is crazy, but i really want to improve this blog! so, on top of the posts from me, if any of you would like to guest post on my blog we can swap and i guest post on your blog and get more followers! yay for followers! email me ok?

how's your life going?

Monday, September 5, 2011

some pictures of dance camp

this is about a month late. hey, its better late then never right?
Mo and Me!

the animals from the petting zoo. a little pit stop.
this is a super blurry picture. this is me, borgey, lindy, sadie, and ju!

Lindy and Mo!
thanks for reading!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sophomore Year.

sophomore year has started. i'm already going crazy. life is busy between dance, cross country, school, homework and occasional sleep. a normal day for me consists of waking up at six to go to cross country or dance (depending on the day), go to school, go to cross country, go to dance, do homework, sleep, and repeat. 
high school is important for me. i love to dance and run so i have to stick with those activities but i have to maintain good grades. the college i plan on going to requires good grades and scholarships do too! 
i'm going to try to post as much as possible. hopefully the weekends will be pretty open so i can! i also has this awesome idea and i want to get your guy's opinions. every blogger wants followers, am i right or am i right? how would you blogger's like to guest post on my blog? that way you can get followers on my blog, ya? email me if you would like to guest post. it's pretty up in the air what you right about. as long as it is family friendly of course! comment if you have questions! 

Friday, August 12, 2011

whoa there!

can i just slow down time right now? school starts in 3 days. bleh! i have my schedule but honestly i haven't done much shoppin'. i'm not ready for it to start... AT ALL!

so i told ya'll i had cross country camp, dance camp, and then a cross country meet. all of them were really fun! i just want to know why everything has to happen all in one week? like why? i need like two more weeks of summer so i can catch up on sleep and just take it easy. my body feels like it might fall apart and the saddest part, i won't have a break until, well i don't even know! oh my!

cross country camp was awesome! at first i wasn't sure about going. being new to the team and not having your friends come to the camp was a little bit sketchy for me. there were only like seven girls and close to twenty guys. i worry too much because camp was a blast! we ran... a lot and chilled. what the best part was is running to the river after the run. when the river is ice cold is feels AWESOME on your muscles. just sayin!

so right when i got back i had a day before i was off for dance camp. so many funny things from the camp! i'm going to have fun editing pictures and post them later for you guys, okay? we stopped at a petting zoo along the way. there was the CUTEST baby llama ever! i'm not kidding. then we made it to the house we were staying at and relaxed. woke up and danced. went to bed woke up and danced, and then went to bed to then wake up and go home. the last night was da bomb! so borgey, i've talked about her before, is a SPAZ! and we love her dearly because of that. well she made my night. 

about a half hour after making it home i had to leave for my FIRST cross country meet. it was nerve wrecking. i don't think i did my best but i still made varsity! i can't wait for the next one which is august 20th! i really hope i can get a PR that race, actually i know i can!

well thats it... 
stay tuned for pictures!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

is it really here?

school is right around the corner. ya, i know CRAZY! i really don't like the idea of having homework. i already have conflicts with my schedule. UGH! BUT i do like the idea of starting dance, running more, and being at the high school! last year was tough. not gonna lie, but i already no this year is gonna be bomb!

anyways, lets get to the point of this post. i find myself rambling too much!

Grace's Garden Walk is holding a "Garden Party!" I think it would be fun to participate! to begin with we have to answer several questions so you can get to know me better! cool, eh?

let me warn ya, i am not the coolest person you will find out there. i am above average but below "cool!" haha

{one} can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 
well you guys already know the normal stuff and if you don't go here! so here is some new things you can know about me.
WARNING: they are random!
--i don't like taking baths. they are boring
--cheese is GROSS! i hate it!
--i don't like Del Taco, Taco Time, or Taco Bell. but i do like Cafe Rio's pork tacos
--i ran out of things to say so i thought about them in the shower.
--still don't know what to say so that is all!

{two} what are a few of your favorite summertime activities?
run, dance, swim, blog, read, hang out with my family and friends, chill, sleep! simple as that!

{three} tell us a few of your fondest past summer memories.
do i really have to choose??
well the one i remember most was a family trip. we went to our ranch and had a relaxing time, but the best part was a four-wheeler ride. it seriously was all day and we went up this mountain near our ranch. 

{four} what was your favorite memory of this summer?
I honestly have no idea! probably the fact that i started cross country and it has been awesome! i know my mom is going to say "i told you so!" but i will admit she did. i did not think i would like it and i would not be good. my mom kept on saying "do it! do it! do it!" so i did it and what do you know? i LOVE it!

{five} one summer you would like to travel to ________ for a week {or two :)}
ever since i read this book a couple years back i have always wanted to go to Africa. i really wish i could find the book but i do not remember the name... :( if i can remember correctly it was about two girls to sailed across to africa to help as nurses. they helped the children at aid stations. man, i wish i could remember more!

{six} a few things that bring joy to your heart during the summer.
well this list could go on and on and on and on, but i will shorten it just for you!

  • the heat! i love hott weather. really, i do!
  • spending time with my family. i think this is my most favorite part! i love them so much!
  • swimming in the pool.
  • partying it up with my friends!
  • going to all the camps. 
  • etc.
{seven} what is your favorite summertime treat? favorite scent?

so there is this awesome place here in town. it has really good summer treats. my very favorite? well you get sprite and rasberry and put it in a drink! my mom personally likes mango better, but i disagree! seriously figure out how you can try it! 

{eight} of the places you have traveled to, favorite summer vacation destination?
i talk about my ranch a lot but that is seriously my favorite place ever! it is so peaceful, relaxing, and a blast! 

{nine} photographer or writer of summer? 
hmmmm. this is a tough one! sadly (as you know) my camera broke. so taking pictures was limited. i would have to say writer! i may not write much but i always think about writing posts and funny things to say. ha! maybe i need a life ;)

{ten} when summer finally ends {and believe me its coming all too quickly}, what will you miss the most?
well i will for sure miss not having to do homework! but most of all being able to chill at home with the fam!

well that was fun! did you enjoy? check out the party and comment giving me the link to your post!

keep it coming

next week is the last week before school ends. say whaa'? how depressing. starting high school is going to be the BEST though. i'm super psyched and just ready. not for the whole homework part though. 

my summer is still busy though. thursday i leave for cross country camp! i come back saturday and then leave sunday for dance camp. wednesday is when i come back and then that night i have my very first cross country meet! i can't wait! i then have the rest of the week to get ready for school and monday is the first day!

summer has flown by! i'm so sad, but excited at the same time! i'm so ready to have dance start up again and see all my friends at school and actually have something to do in the day!

when does your school start? are you excited?

Monday, August 1, 2011

plank and swim!

so one night i got together with borgey and ju! we were honestly so bored and COULD NOT find anything to do. so we went downtown and planked. have you heard of this new thing? it is honestly the dumbest but also funnest thing to do. i wish i would have gotten pictures, but i didn't have my camera! borgey got some, but she won't give 'em to me! go youtube planking if you haven't heard about it yet!

after that we went night swimming! we did some stunts because they decided it would be fun to throw me in the air. 

funniest story: 
for some reason the city Chicago was brought up and borgey was convinced that it was in California. she said that in the show Victorious they have a song that goes, "Chicago, Chicagooo." Or something like that. i haven't seen the show so i don't know for sure and we were like, "Ya that means they are in Illinois." Borgey was convinced they were in California. Oh dear, what are we going to do with her?

talk to you later!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

trek, trek, trek!

i am a member of the lds church. every four years my stake goes on a trek which is where we experience what the pioneers went through to make it to utah. the first week in july we went on ours. we met at the stake center early in the morning for an opening ceremony (i guess you could call it that). then we got in the car for a two and a half hour drive. then we made it to our destination!

after unloading from the car we got our family name. mine was the Carter Family! my family was bomb! then we went into the "town" and we got money. we had to pay for our cart, a chicken, our bags, our sleeping stuff, and some snacks for the trek. then we  had lunch and began our six mile trek.

we got to our new "home." we had some activities, then a fireside, and then a dance. after that it was time for bed. let me tell you... it was FREEZING! when we woke up there was frost on our sleeping bags and i couldn't even tie my shoe my fingers were frozen. my eye and lips were all puffy also. not only was it cold some familys had a rooster so right at four in the morning they were going off and were so annoying! one sounded like it was dyeing!

time for breakfast! honestly we had some really good food. then we had morning fireside and went off the building the temple and activities. we had lunch. went and had more activities and then had dinner. it was a really chill day. but after dinner we had our bishop's fireside. this is where we got together as a ward. that was great! then we came back to "town" and had a HUGE bonfire. it was so fun! then it was time for bed!!

day three. last day. we woke up and got our things together. had breakfast. had a closing fireside. and then trekked our way back to the cars to head home.

what a great experience i had!

WAIT! I forgot the best part. how could i??
**don't read if you have a weak stomach**
so i told you we had to buy a chicken and take care of it the same time, right? well on the second day we had chicken for dinner. no we did not eat our chicken but we did watch them kill and pluck a chicken! i actually plucked a chicken! i was so proud of myself!

anyways i had a lot of fun!

Monday, July 25, 2011

sweet sixteen... not mine though!

on july 20 it was my very, very good friend's sixteenth birthday. 

her name is ashley.
we (dance company) call her borgey. 
she dances with me!

read about this day here!
her older sister planned a surprise party for her. we kidnapped her and took her to Denny's to eat. then we came back and had a spa day. we put avacado and banana mix on our face for a facial. can i say GROSS!? then we went to sadie and lindy's house and rode four-wheelers. we went to a pond and swung on the rope swing. then drove a half hour just to get a snow cone. waste of time but the scenery was great. after that we went to lindy's house and had dinner. it was delish! following that we went to one of their neighbors' house and swam. that was cool. we tried to plank by lifting each other up. it was crazy! then we came back to lindy's and watched Despicable Me, because that is a cool movie that makes me laugh everytime! it was super late and so i had to go home. :/ here are the highlights of the moments!

leaving borgey, say whaa?
we blind folded ash so she wouldn't see where she was going. when we showed up to denny's the waitress took us to the table. soon we heard "guys, guys where are you?" OOPS! we forgot her. everyone was laughing at us. it was uhhh, grand? we were quite the site. not gonna lie.

eww. never put water, banana and avacado together and rub it on your face. just never do it. first it's stinks, real bad. second, its chunky, poop-colored stuff all over your face. and lastly, listen to me and don't do it. 

we kinda get lost.
so sadie and lindy live in a super small town like twenty minutes away from us so there is nothing there. so in attempt to find something* to do we drove through a scenic view to get a snow cone. the snow cone was so good. i wish i could remember the flavor! then on the way back we were trying to find a faster, more efficient way to make it back home. not smart. we got lost, but don't worry obviously we made it home safe! 

well thats a long and another story...

so overall it was a very fun day and we partied it up!
stay tuned for a post on trek!

*obviously, we found a lot of stuff to do in the end and who needs a big city? we don't!


holy cows.

life has been CRAZY.

except for i kinda like it. not gonna lie...

anywho here are a few posts that i will be writing so get forward to hearing from me!

  • sweet sixteen... not mine though!
  • trek, trek, trek.
  • plank and swim.
talk to you later!
peace out!

Friday, July 8, 2011

a whole lot of...

...water marbling! seriously have you heard of this. as i was going through YouTube to find some cool nail designs i ran across this channel. the water marbling totally caught my eye! check out her blog for all the nail designs you want!

anyways, so today a friend of mine came over and we basically paint our nails everytime we hang out (which is a lot) and we tried this. so much fun, but takes a while to get the hang of! my nails didn't really turn out, but it's all good!

go check out that channel or blog because she has some really cool designs to try!


i wish...

... i had something to write about, but i really don't. i will after tomorrow though! so stay tuned! 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

hold the phone!

does your blogger dashboard look different!?

Edit Me: link up #3

this is for the "Edit Me" linkup! i think this is my favorite link up to do. 

i use Photobucket to edit my photos. i've tried Photobucket and Picnik, but Photobucket is by far my favorite! 

these are the effects i used to edit the picture. with all of them i changed the intensity a bit (or a lot):
old photo
cross process

What do you think?
Do you have a favorite link up? Please share!

 My Reflection of Something

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July festivities!

for the 4th of July i had a lot of fun with my family! we didn't do anything special, but we sure had a blast!

to start it off we went swimming. in the summer we swim everyday. it's awesome! after that we came inside to chill and have dinner. fireworks down town were at ten. our town doesn't do half bad with the firework show! here are some pictures from that...

i used the "firework" setting on my camera and it did some funky things. i found that while it is "Processing" if you shake the camera it is crazy! below are some prime examples.

i missed out on taking pictures of the finale (which was AMAZING) because my camera ran out of batteries... LAME! 

yesterday was a blast!


Monday, July 4, 2011

Edit Me: link up #2

this is my second time doing this link up! i really have fun with it!
my entry:

 My Reflection of Something