Sunday, July 31, 2011

trek, trek, trek!

i am a member of the lds church. every four years my stake goes on a trek which is where we experience what the pioneers went through to make it to utah. the first week in july we went on ours. we met at the stake center early in the morning for an opening ceremony (i guess you could call it that). then we got in the car for a two and a half hour drive. then we made it to our destination!

after unloading from the car we got our family name. mine was the Carter Family! my family was bomb! then we went into the "town" and we got money. we had to pay for our cart, a chicken, our bags, our sleeping stuff, and some snacks for the trek. then we  had lunch and began our six mile trek.

we got to our new "home." we had some activities, then a fireside, and then a dance. after that it was time for bed. let me tell you... it was FREEZING! when we woke up there was frost on our sleeping bags and i couldn't even tie my shoe my fingers were frozen. my eye and lips were all puffy also. not only was it cold some familys had a rooster so right at four in the morning they were going off and were so annoying! one sounded like it was dyeing!

time for breakfast! honestly we had some really good food. then we had morning fireside and went off the building the temple and activities. we had lunch. went and had more activities and then had dinner. it was a really chill day. but after dinner we had our bishop's fireside. this is where we got together as a ward. that was great! then we came back to "town" and had a HUGE bonfire. it was so fun! then it was time for bed!!

day three. last day. we woke up and got our things together. had breakfast. had a closing fireside. and then trekked our way back to the cars to head home.

what a great experience i had!

WAIT! I forgot the best part. how could i??
**don't read if you have a weak stomach**
so i told you we had to buy a chicken and take care of it the same time, right? well on the second day we had chicken for dinner. no we did not eat our chicken but we did watch them kill and pluck a chicken! i actually plucked a chicken! i was so proud of myself!

anyways i had a lot of fun!

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