Monday, July 4, 2011

oh it's summer time!

and i'm loving it! this summer has been awesome and what's weird is i'm a little excited to start up in school again. this year is my first year at the high school! last year was kind of a bummer. i was dancing with the high school dance team (i was the only one not at the high school) and being at the middle school sucked! so this year is going to be bomb, i just know it. 

anyways this last week i had dance camp. it was an awesome experience and i learned so much. even though i woke up every morning and could barely move because my muscles were so sore, i am thankful! it was very fun. i love my dance co. and i couldn't ask for a better group. i LOVE them so much! wednesday night after a long day at camp we had a social. we went to some red rocks and had sandwiches. when the sun started setting we took pictures of us doing jumps. they were cool! after that i came home and SLEPT! thursday was the last day of camp. it was a FUN day! 

thursday night Mo and Borgey from dance, and i had a sleep over. Mo is the new freshie, Borgey is a junior, and i a sophie. Oh and Borgey's older sis and her friend joined us! --borgey took these pictures--

borgey's lil' bro had made a fort... so we slept in it!

at two in the morning we decided to do exotic makeup!
after the makeup we put tooth paste on our face. let me tell you, it might sting and make your eyes water, but it is SOOO refreshing. it makes your skin smooth.

we woke up and made some pancakes. yumm! then my mom came and i had to leave.

i came home and chilled for a lil' bit and then i fell asleep. i had my friends birthday party at four and i woke up at 4:30. whoopsie! anyways it was chey, kaylee, danielle and me. it was fun! we swam, ate DELICIOUS cupcakes and watched Tron. since i did not get any pictures of this occassion i will be stilling them from kaylee.

me, chey, and danielle!
that was a great week!

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