Monday, July 25, 2011

sweet sixteen... not mine though!

on july 20 it was my very, very good friend's sixteenth birthday. 

her name is ashley.
we (dance company) call her borgey. 
she dances with me!

read about this day here!
her older sister planned a surprise party for her. we kidnapped her and took her to Denny's to eat. then we came back and had a spa day. we put avacado and banana mix on our face for a facial. can i say GROSS!? then we went to sadie and lindy's house and rode four-wheelers. we went to a pond and swung on the rope swing. then drove a half hour just to get a snow cone. waste of time but the scenery was great. after that we went to lindy's house and had dinner. it was delish! following that we went to one of their neighbors' house and swam. that was cool. we tried to plank by lifting each other up. it was crazy! then we came back to lindy's and watched Despicable Me, because that is a cool movie that makes me laugh everytime! it was super late and so i had to go home. :/ here are the highlights of the moments!

leaving borgey, say whaa?
we blind folded ash so she wouldn't see where she was going. when we showed up to denny's the waitress took us to the table. soon we heard "guys, guys where are you?" OOPS! we forgot her. everyone was laughing at us. it was uhhh, grand? we were quite the site. not gonna lie.

eww. never put water, banana and avacado together and rub it on your face. just never do it. first it's stinks, real bad. second, its chunky, poop-colored stuff all over your face. and lastly, listen to me and don't do it. 

we kinda get lost.
so sadie and lindy live in a super small town like twenty minutes away from us so there is nothing there. so in attempt to find something* to do we drove through a scenic view to get a snow cone. the snow cone was so good. i wish i could remember the flavor! then on the way back we were trying to find a faster, more efficient way to make it back home. not smart. we got lost, but don't worry obviously we made it home safe! 

well thats a long and another story...

so overall it was a very fun day and we partied it up!
stay tuned for a post on trek!

*obviously, we found a lot of stuff to do in the end and who needs a big city? we don't!

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