Sunday, November 27, 2011

in need of an update

it has been WAY too long. i feel so bad!! my goal for this blog is to talk about my life, an online journal in fact. i haven't been doing to good with that. my last post was what? over TWO months ago! my goal now is to post at least once a week. i can do this. i always find my self sitting on my butt bored on sundays. why not spend it blogging???

lets get on with the update!

Running to the finish at the BYU
*cross country season is over. this makes me extremely sad. miles have gone down to running just 4 miles a day and it doesn't feel right. we do have a race in California this weekend. i am so excited for this. not only will i miss some school, but i'm excited to go up there and have fun. my little brother will be coming with us and thats fun! we are taking a charter bus up and spending time on the pier one day. we will always run on the course just to see how it is. the race is going to be tough.  i haven't ran in it before, but Riley has and he said the hills are nasty. there are these switchbacks that kill you and some of the fastest runners WALK! what? bring it on **FOOTLOCKER!

the first quarter of school is over and we are already half way through the second! we had a three day break for thanksgiving and we start back up tomorrow, monday. only 18 more days until christmas break and boy am i ready! this has been the toughest year of school for me. my 4.0 streak was broken last quarter in math and chemistry. that will be different this quarter!

nothing is really happening with dance. just the same old, same old. practicing every other day. i really wish we could practice everyday though. since our school just got a drill team this year everything has changed and i don't like it. i feel jipped, but whatever. if drill never came then i probably wouldn't have done cross country. oh, but we did have the shakespeare festival. we always have fun with that. what happens is there are classes all day for two days, but also adjudicating. we took a dance from our concert it did really well with it. i can't remember our official judging, but the judges were quite pleased! we also got our team pictures done a couple of weeks ago.
officers... again.
the team!
this is a picture of us after we performed in an assembly.
well, thats it! more posts to come.

*a post on the the season will be coming up soon!
**after Footlocker i PROMISE a post. with pictures even!

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