Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Without dance, what's the pointe?"

This is just a little blog for a story of my dancing career and my normal, average life.  I have a passion for dance and running.  Dance is my passion.  My friends like to call me crazy for many reasons.  One: I have an average of three hours of dance a day.  Two: I am also on the high school track team.  That includes running everyday.  Yes, are you calling me crazy now?

My Life...
I am the oldest of six children.  I like to say I am the best daughter, but everyone else can differ. ;) Being a teen I can not wait to be able to drive.  Unfortunately, of course, I am the youngest of my grade.  My birthday isn't until late August!  I guess that is what happens when you really want something... right?  I am a straight "A" person and has always been on High Honor Roll.  My goal is to make it to BYU Provo for college.  I want to be an architect or interior designer. 

Dance Life...
I am a member of the high school dance company.  I am the youngest member on the team and the only one in my class.  That says something right?  I LOVE to dance.  It keeps me going by waking up bright and early to get to practice at 6 AM and occassionaly having practice after school, but after school always interferes with my...

Track Life...
I love to run!  I haven't really thoroughly enjoyed it until this last summer.  Since then I have surprised my gym coach.  Last year I struggled to even pass the mile time.  Now I am always the first girl finished!  Ya, that's right!  Running with my younger brother is rather embarrassing though.  The child who is like 16 months older then me is in 7th grade and runs with the high school cross country team.  Running an average of a 5.5 minute mile.  What the poop!??  Well at least I am out there trying! 

This blog is just a little about my life and funny things!  Enjoy!

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