Friday, February 11, 2011

running in a blink

here is just about me and my running...

so, lets just say i don't think i am the best runner out there. my brother on the other hand (he is two years younger then me and is two years away from being in high school) runs with yes, my high school track team. his fastest mile time is mmm about five and a half minutes. he runs with the fastest dude on the team. anyways, me... so my parents encouraged me to start running at the beginning of this school year. my brother at that time was running with the high school x-country team every morning as i went to dance. (once again... FREAK) i honestly did not think it was even remotely possible for me. i have three hours of dance every morning. so during school as announcements were on they informed everyone of an upcoming meeting about track. right then, at that moment, i felt i should do it.  i went to the meeting and have fallen in love. between dance i can go to three practices a week which on average we run a total of four miles. yes... i am tired, but I LOVE IT! there you go! next post: brody's bday!


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