Sunday, February 27, 2011

the weekend

i gotta say this weekend was kind of blah! friday started with dance a 6 am. after dance i went to school and after school i went back to dance. dance was until 6 and my friend, dani and i were planning on viewing justin biebers new movie, never say never. i am not one of those normal teenage girl who has the bieber fever, i have not caught the sickness thank goodness, but my friends saw the movie the second day and said i just HAD to see it. whatever, you know, but i said i would. so, dani and i were planning on seeing it friday. this weekend was supposed to be the extended edition with 40+ minutes of extra footage. anyways, where i live there was absolutely no showing of NSN, so i still have not seen it.

so with my plans changed i had my three friends, dani, kaylee, and chey come over. we went to the local "spinny" park where we had some overall fun. my camera was out of batteries or i would have some fun images to show ya'll. on top of the park we went to the close-by softball fields where a tourny was being held. dani is trying out for the high school softball team, so we basically went for her. p.s. it was *extremely cold and windy. so we went back to my house to watch the wedding planner. that ended friday.

saturday, i woke up late for dance. got to dance, and well danced for three hours. my brothers soccer game was right by my practice so i walked to the game and watched. whoopie -sarcasm- it was *extremely cold and rainy. this crap weather is making me angry! then i came home and revived myself. (i looked like a hobo) then off to my lil' sis's game. this game was even more cold, and rainy. it was a complete waste to curl my hair, because it went flat, fast. after that i came home and became a lazy butt. 

the end

sorry for that very boring post. i tried to add pictures, but i did not catch any pictures of the actual weekend. a new post will explain why.


*extremely cold to me probably wouldn't be that cold to you. i do not appreciate the cold

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