Friday, June 10, 2011

i made it!

{dramatic title. i know.}

freshman year is over and i can not tell you how excited i am! 

this year was tough and stressful, but i still managed to have a 4.0 GPA all year long! hallelujah!

what i learned:

  1. be careful of who you choose to be your friends
  3. kissing up to teachers CAN be a good thing! 
  4. getting good grades is hard to do, but well worth it
  5. you are the one that chooses whether you want to have fun or not!
  6. {this is for my good friend kaylee} watching soccer games is a blast. especially when there are hott men! ;) 

now i will take pictures from kaylee's blog since my camera broke and sucks at this moment!
kenzie, me, and skye! i loved homeroom! {the last qtr.}

best p.e. class in the whole universe! jus' sayin'!

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