Wednesday, June 15, 2011

vacay to the ranch!

this weekend was a blast!! until the last day when my family got a case of the flu! We enjoyed
  1. riding g-pa's four-wheeler
  2. driving the Toyota ♥
  3. the scenery
  4. shooting guns
  5. the animals
  6. keke's track meet
so the whole point of this trip was for #6. keke made it to regions for the 100m and 4x100 relay!! she ended up taking 2nd in the 100 and 1st in the relay!!

this is KeKe!

her relay team.
after only a few hours at the track meet, we came back to the ranch. i think i rode my dad's toyota for most of it. a little background on this toyota...
my dad got it the end of high school so it is a 1984 toyota. he used it throughtout college and a little after. following college my cousin took it as a "dune buggy" to right around. hence the dents. it sat in the parking garage of the ranch for SIX years. mice have lived it there, birds have pooped on it (sorry for the gross details) and much more! yet six years later we decide to start it up. after pumping two of the tires it rode just fine! i drove it everywhere. it may not be in good condition for a truck for me to drive when i get my licence but it is good for practice! anyways here are the pictures!

after driving we went out as a family and shot my grandmas gun at targets. pictures!

and then i had fun with the scenery but that will be a completely different post that will come soon! i just don't want a picture overload, you know?


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